NEW Sunday Workshops in Tantra and Touch

“Tantra & Touch: Creating Conscious Connections for Personal Transformation” a workshop for men to learn & practice Tantra & Touch Skills


Tantra teaches us that a fully-embodied life – connected to pleasure with awareness – is a path to higher consciousness. This new workshop will give you more in-depth Tantric Principles and Massage Skills – expanding on previous workshops.

Join us for a day of Touch combined with Authentic Communication offering us the opportunity to connect more deeply with our inner lives and with others. Once we examine limiting beliefs, we learn to communicate from our hearts and express ourselves physically, emotionally & spiritually.

In this workshop, we will explore the power we all have to move through challenges in our lives. Each participant will have the opportunity to do some personal work and then apply the skills you’ll be learning to facilitate growth & transformation.

Come revel in the pleasures, the power and the expansiveness of tantra with men in your community. We all need intimate touch just as we need air, food & water. This Workshop gives you permission to immerse yourself for an afternoon exchanging nourishing, sensual & erotic touch in a safe space for healing, transformation and ecstatic experience.


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