NEW Sunday Workshops Tantra, Energy andTouch

All Heart-Centered Touch Workshops employ Touch as vehicle for learning, expanding and evolving. It is our way of manifesting change. Touch plays the central role in all the new classes. The 3 new workshops each offer special focal points to explore through Touch. Read about Tantra, Energy & Meridian Massage here:


Tantra teaches us that a fully-embodied life – connected to pleasure and lived with awareness – is a path of personal transformation and, ultimately to higher consciousness. This new workshop will give you more practice and a more in-depth understanding of Tantric Principles  –

The Tantra Principles are introduced through a variety of Touch Practices and Interactive Exercises. Deep Listening combined with Authentic Communication offers us the opportunity to connect more deeply with our inner lives and with others. The Path of Personal Transformation involves a commitment to process, feelings and Embodiment Practices that lead us to more personal freedom.


Learning to read people involves tuning in to another person’s energy. This is an art and a skill that we will practice in this Workshop. These are some of the aspects that will be addressed: How does one calibrate their Touch? How is the Touch being received? What are signs of Energy Movement? How can one provide a safe and strong container for moving energy in the body? This class offers plenty of practice time in the art of Energy Circulation & Healing.


Since Adam is a practitioner of Acupuncture, Tai Chi and Chi Gong, Meridian Massage is an extension of his Taoist Practices providing another vehicle for touch and transformation. Simple Five Element Theory of Chinese Medicine will guide us in this exploration of how the Meridians move our energy, emotions and create balance in our bodies.


SEPTEMBER 10th NEW YORK Energy-Touch Practice

SEPTEMBER 17th  BOSTON Energy-Touch Practice

OCTOBER 8th  NEW YORK Meridian Massage

OCTOBER 14th  WASHINGTON DC Energy Touch-Practice

NOVEMBER 12th  BOSTON Tantra Explorations

NEW DATE: DECEMBER 3rd  Tantra Explorations

Use this link to register for any Sunday afternoon Workshop:

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