New Taoist Massage Workshops Announced

Heart-Centered Touch Workshops employ Touch as vehicle for learning, expanding and evolving. It is our way of manifesting change. Touch plays the central role in all workshops. The new workshops  offer special focal points to explore Taoism and Tantra through Touch.

Taoist Massage guides you using Touch in an energetic way that contributes to the overall balance of the body using the Five Elements of Eastern Practice. Tantra further expands how to use touch for more pleasure, healthy eros and being connected to yourself and others. We all can experience more intimacy with conscious and intentional touch guided by these principles.

These workshops are scheduled so far for the following dates:

New York City    March 11th  10AM -2PM  at Moving Body Resources
Washington DC Suburbs   March 25th   11AM -3PM   Private Location Given Upon Registration
Boston:    April 15th  11AM – 3PM   Watertown Center for the Healing Arts

Taoist Massage introduces another approach to touch and the body – using the Energy Meridians as our guides…Meridians are energy pathways used in Acupuncture, in Tai Chi and Chi Gong.

Adam is a licensed, practicing acupuncturist and Tai Chi/Chi Gong practitioner. These energy pathways are used to move and balance energy in the body. Doing massage based on Meridian Theory is exciting and offers you a new way to make a meaningful connection with the receiver of your touch. Movement of the Five Elements of Energy in the body is something I’ve always emphasized in my classes. This class will focus more on how those elements have a deep effect on our well-being, our sense of balance and of self-expression.


Use this link to register for any Sunday afternoon Workshop:


Written by: adambrown