Men’s QiGong Class Online Every Wednesday: 12 Noon EDT

Three Men’s QiGong/Tantra Classes meet once a week.  Every Wednesday 12 Noon-1PM on Zoom.
Join us online for Men’s QiGong Practices focused on our wellness  –  Seasonal Practices that support us in being in tune with the natural cycles of life. The class consists of easy-to-follow mostly standing-in-place exercises that do not require a lot of space at home. The QiGong Exercises being taught strengthen respiratory and immune function. We learn how to move energy through the same meridians (energy pathways) used in acupuncture. In addition, we do some self – touch and breathing exploration after the practice. This is an energetic exploration – how to circulate vital energy in our bodies.  It’s sensual and heart-centered.

Single Class = $15  6 Classes = $80 Register on the Schedule & Registration Page. Find the 6-Class card class listing on the Registration Page.













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