Expressions of Spirit in Heart Centered Touch

BOSTON: November 12th 12-4 PM    

NEW YORK: December 3rd

Tantra teaches us that a fully-embodied life – connected to pleasure and lived with awareness – is a path of personal transformation and, ultimately to higher consciousness. This new workshop will give you more practice and a more in-depth understanding of Tantric Principles  – INCLUDING how erotic energy informs most everything we do in life….From the pleasurable and life-affirming to the challenging…..

The Tantra Principles are introduced through a variety of Touch Practices and Interactive Exercises. Deep Listening combined with Authentic Communication offers us the opportunity to connect more deeply with our inner lives and with others. The Path of Personal Transformation involves a commitment to process, feelings and Embodiment Practices that lead us to more personal freedom


Join us for a Sunday afternoon of “Energy-Touch Practices”  this Fall: Energy-Touch Practices will be explored using Deep Listening and Authentic Communication to use as a way to bring renewal into your life. You’ll have the opportunity to connect more deeply with y our inner body-energy and create more intimacy with others.  Become more familiar with how body-energy flows and how you can effect change using a more energetic approach to touch.

Energy Movement from Perineum to Pineal Gland: The Eros-Spiritual Connection 
I have explored energy movement in the body in many ways with many ‘teachers’.  These explorations have been through self-pleasuring, partnered-exploration and working with clients & students over a 20-year period. One of the questions that comes up most frequently and one of the greatest challenges men face is in uniting erotic expression with personal spirituality.
I have found the ‘natural’ connection between the perineum (first chakra) and the third eye (pineal gland) to to be a powerful way to activate the hidden properties of the Pineal Gland – or as some call it, the ‘Seat of Consciousness”.  As erotic energy moves up the central channel of the body from the perineum to the third eye, the breath is the conduit that carries that sensation and energy. It is a process that cannot be forced, only encouraged. Prodded by the breath, it is a way of “allowing” the body-energy to move, wind its way through the chakra system – opening the heart, throat and ultimately “lighting up” the third eye bringing a lightness, tingling and joy into the whole being….
This is an intentional and subtle practice. I become excited just remembering how I feel doing this practice…When aroused, I am up on my knees or standing with my torso open and expanded. This allows my erotic energy to naturally move up and down my body as I breath. It also frees my pelvis to move back and forth easily – something that is not as natural when lying down.
I stimulate my perineum (or have someone else do it) from underneath – inviting that tingling erotic energy to move up my central channel in and open my chakras. This is very pleasurable. The more I breathe, the more energy-movement occurs. My breath opens my torso, enters my heart-chakra and then the breath wants to expand even more. I stretch, open my arms wide, breath more deeply. Sounds, groans, moans open my throat chakra. As the energy seeks moreupward movement, I notice my third eye filling with light. White light at first and then any color can emerge, since the pineal gland – behind the third eye releases DMT – a piezo-electric, chromos and photos energy that releases any color of the rainbow into my brain.
Sustaining and repeating this practice can lead to all kinds of ‘full-body’ sensations that, in my experience, are limitless. The depth of the breath, the commitment to sensation and the willingness to open to the mystery of the pineal stimulation is sublime…
Do you want to learn more a bout this practice? Join us for one of these “Energy-Touch Practice” Workshops:
NEW YORK: Sunday, September 10th     BOSTON: SEPTEMBER 17th      Washington DC: October 14th ***************************************************************************************************************


Join an intimate group of men to explore our capacity for nourishing each other with touch, authentic communication and camaraderie as we create community together. Learn and engage in embodiment practices together as we explore the transformative power of Touch, Tantra and Taoist practices.

Workshop Program

Daily Massage, Tantra and Meditation classes are on site at our guesthouse with plenty of time to practice and work on skills. Morning Chi Gong (Taoist Yoga) and Afternoon Practice Sessions, Movement Classes following Taoist and Tantra Principles.

Other Activities include: Traditional Mexican Sweat Lodge, Group Dinners; Sunset Yoga and Excursions.


All massage sessions, movement classes and meditation classes; 2 meals per day (abundant breakfasts and warm lunches) and some evening activities. Guesthouse accommodations are also included and are based on double-occupancy.

Playa Zipolite

We gather January 19-24, 2018 in an ideal retreat spot on Mexico’s southern Pacific Coast. A clothing-optional beach and gay-friendly town with southern- Mexican charm. Great restaurants with fresh, local fare and affordable prices. Our guesthouse – La Loma Linda – overlooking the ocean – is a taxi ride from the nearest airport in Huatulco – There are some non- stop flights from Houston to Huatulco. Most other flights: change in Mexico City.

Get to know yourself in new ways and take home transformative practices that have great potential to positively impact your life. Take advantage of the Early- Bird Special on NOW: $975 – not including airfare and transfers.

TO REGISTER: Call Adam for more information: 212-366-9025.
Earlybird Special on for $975 (excluding airfare) until November 1st



The WEEKLY Heart-Centered Touch Massage Exchange Group meets every  THURSDAY NIGHT  in Chelsea in New York City  at Moving Body Resources: West 27th Street, 4th fl.  8-10:15 PM.

Register in advance on this website’s Schedule & Registration Page to reserve your spot:

Private Sessions w/ Adam available on the Upper West Side and in various cities during workshop weekends.  Bookings for private sessions are done by phone: 212-366-9025 and e-mail:

Call or email Adam for more information on any programs, events and to set-up a workshop in your area.





















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