Toronto Tantra & Touch Workshop – October 13th

This program is for all men who enjoy sharing male-to male- touch.
You do not need prior experience to attend this workshop. However, if you are taking Adam’s Workshop for a
second time, you will find there is a lot of new material including, specific massage skills – when and how to
use them – sensitivity training to learn to ‘read’ a partner and a variety of new erotic massage skills.
We will also learn more Taoist methods for circulating body-energy for maximum breathing to enhance your
This workshop will include some discussion time about our own sexual expression issues. Men don’t often get the opportunity to talk about specific issues of sensual and erotic expression, performance or other pressing issues like ED and relationship issues. This workshop offers a  great opportunity to have a meaningful, intimate forum.
Taoist Practices of Movement and Meditation help focus us during the day’s workshop activities. Movement also helps with the circulation of male vital energy.
Workshop participants will be practicing how to integrate the body, energy and breath to facilitate more ecstatic states of pleasure. You will all give and receive a full Tantric Massage – with guidance – by the end of the workshop. You will get a chance to
improve your skills and learn to establish a good flow in your massage sessions.
You will return home from this workshop with new skills and increased confidence to share touch with partners, friends and other men in your life.
Meet new friends in the workshop who you can share these practices with. You’re guaranteed to feel more relaxed by the end of the day –
invigorated by the community-learning and sharing. Feel more centered,  grounded and nourished in your pursuit of male-to-male touch.

WHERE: Awaken Studio, Leselyville, Toronto
WHEN: Sunday, October 13, 2019 10AM – 5PM
Advanced Registration required


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