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Groups, workshops and retreats are the core of Heart Centered Touch. It is in a group setting that we learn to interact with others using touch in a safe space.  We spend time learning touch and massage skills as well as how to work with the energetics of the body.

Eros is explored as a nourishing, creative energy that we can tap into without guilt, shame or hiding.  We embrace all men’s experience in the groups regardless of anyone’s personal choices. We show up as men to nurture each other, to learn from each other and to grow and evolve as freer human beings learning to live more compassionately together.

Massage Exchange Groups meet most every Thursday in New York City in Chelsea from 8:00-10:30 PM. Sunday afternoon Workshops are offered in various cities with various themes.  Residential Retreats are weekends where we have the opportunity to bond over a longer period of time and go more deeply into the content of Heart-Centered Touch. See more details on Workshops, Groups, Retreats pages

No prior experience is necessary to participate in any of our programs. We learn by doing under the guidance of Adam and other trained professionals. Whether you are coming out, exploring the newness of physical relationships with men or just love to exchange nourishing touch on a regular basis, Heart Centered Touch programs welcome everybody into the tribe.

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