what is heart-centered touch?

Heart Centered Touch is a group experience, an evening massage group, a day-or-weekend workshop or a private one-on-one session. All men are welcome to our programs. Massage exchange  -- sensual  and therapeutic  -- are the touchstones what we offer. It is through practice -- under guidance -- that we learn to expand our vocabulary and our capacity for intimacy through touch.

Most of the sessions are clothes-off, hands-on and facilitated by Adam. Verbal communication is part of the experience in which personal boundaries are honored and deeper ways to connect are explored.  Our focus is to increase awareness and compassion for other men and, in so doing, increase intimacy. We use eros as a creative force in our lives. The Heart Centered Touch model is one of learning through pleasure, not through pressure. This leads to a  higher level of functioning, more joy and  authentic human expression.

upcoming schedule

  • Jul 18 - Jul 18Massage Exchange Group Kingston , NY July 18

  • Jul 21 - Jul 21The Gift of Touch BOSTON Sunday, July 21

  • Oct 6 - Oct 6Seattle The Gift of Touch Workshop

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what is new

Heart-Centered Touch MASSAGE GROUP in The Hudson Valley, NY

Join the second Massage Exchange Group Experience in Kingston, NY. Thursday, July 18th 7:30-10PM at The Yoga House

“The Gift of Touch” Workshop BOSTON – Sunday July 21, 2024 1:30-4:30PM

Adam is coming back to Boston! Join “The Gift of Touch” immersive workshop in the Boston area: Sunday, July 21st 1:30-4:30PM at The Watertown Center.

New York City Massage Groups & Classes – Currently on Zoom and In-Person

The next New York City Massage Exchange Group is: July 11th 7:30-10:00PM. NEW in Kingston, NYC-style Massage Groups! The next one is scheduled for July 18th 2-5PM at The Yoga House in Kingston

In-Person Touch and Tantra and Coaching by Appointment

Private sessions with Adam are available by appointment – in person and online.