Heart-Centered Touch Groups are gatherings for men where we exchange massage & touch as a nourishing and nurturing form of communication.  Touch is explored in a safe, caring environment and work is done in pairs — and sometimes threes — on massage tables. Verbal communication is encouraged to connect and to establish boundaries as well as to give feedback to massage partners. Nudity is part of the Heart Centered Touch experience.

Heart Centered Touch Groups are a place to discover the joys of  fuller embodiment. Eros, tantra, energy-healing are some of the touch vocabulary we learn to cultivate meaningful connections with men.

The Heart Centered Touch Massage Exchange Group meets for the 4th time since the Pandemic. You may now register for the the massage exchange group August 12th – both Thursdays 7:30-10:00 PM in Chelsea in New York City.all participants must show proof of vaccination.

We meet at the Moving Body Resources Studio on West 27th Street b/w 6th & 7th Avenues.
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Note: We suggest you reserve a spot for a group ahead of time to ensure your place since these first groups will certainly fill fast. A Wait List will start once capacity of 14 men is reached.