Heart-Centered Touch Groups are gatherings for men where we exchange massage & touch as a nourishing and nurturing form of communication.  Touch is explored in a safe, caring environment and work is done in pairs — and sometimes threes — on massage tables. Verbal communication is encouraged to connect and to establish boundaries as well as to give feedback to massage partners. Nudity is part of the Heart Centered Touch experience.

Heart Centered Touch Groups are a place to discover the joys of  fuller embodiment. Eros, tantra, energy healing are part of the touch vocabulary we learn. Heart Centered Touch is a laboratory for safe exploration of touch where we explore the many ways to maintain meaningful connections with men.

Heart Centered Touch Massage Exchange Groups meets the first Thursday  of every month 8:00-10:00 PM in Chelsea in New York City. We meet at the Moving Body Resources Studio on West 27th Street b/w 6th & 7th Avenues. The exact address is given when you contact Adam or when you pre-register on the website.  This group is open to all men regardless of lifestyle, sexual orientation or gender identification.

Special focus groups and workshops are held at the studio periodically for men who want to explore certain practices more deeply. For example: Tantra Exploration; Taoist Breath & Movement Practices; Massage Skills Improvement Group. These will be announced by invitation in Heart-Centered Touch Group emails and to Newsletters subscribers.

Note: We suggest you reserve a spot for a group ahead of time to ensure your place. We do our best to accommodate all walk-ins for any group. Contact with Adam is essential in order to get the location and details. This is to avoid over-crowding.