About Adam

Adam’s life journey has snaked a heart’s path through life –first as an art-maker and photography teacher. Then, he learned massage & bodywork and later went on to study acupuncture. Energy healing has always been Adam’s strength. So, acupuncture and QiGong practice are a good fit for him.

Adam has been blessed with a lot of love in his life. The river of his life has wandered circuitously — at times turbulently – but the ripples smooth out over time. The myriad currents of Adam’s life now flow together as a weaving stream of his life and work. Healing, martial arts, teaching and leading groups are constantly evolving as is his photography.

Taoism binds it all together. Adam’s private acupuncture work, his QiGong and tai chi practices, massage work and intimacy-coaching all form one whole. Even in his photography explorations of land and waterscapes are governed by his impulse to be one with what he’s looking at. All the parts weave an interwoven picture of who Adam is and what Adam does..

Adam happened upon his current profession of doing bodywork therapy, acupuncture and healing quite by accident. While volunteering for AIDS Spiritual Care Center in the 1980’s, he received a bodywork session using Zero Balancing that literally changed his life. Something awoke inside him  like a song. He remembers saying, “What do I hear? What do I feel? That was his first introduction to energy medicine.

Adam’s life is a laboratory for his work and his work is a natural outgrowth of his life. It is through practices of the body, mind and spirit of Taoism that Adam’s life and work takes form. Heart Centered Touch has grown out of his blossoming compassion, his unending curiosity and his desire to spread love-energy in the men’s community.

Adam is currently working on some new writing projects, which include articles about various acupuncture treatments for men, issues related to men, touch and tantra.

Look for more information about acupuncture on his other website:  http://www.adambrownacupuncture.com/