Private Sessions – Currently online by Appointment

‘Embodiment & Intimacy’ training are key elements of this work  The sessions last for an hour, for 90 minutes or longer. You can focus on issues that may be blocking you from expressing yourself freely. You may be challenged finding true and lasting intimacy in your life. Heart Centered Touch Private Sessions can help you address and resolve issues so that you can live a more full, embodied and satisfied life.

You may also choose to have a relaxing, sensual experience of massage — being touched in an open and safe manner. In person only when available

No two private sessions are alike. The client begins the work by setting an intention for the session. These intentions vary according to the client’s needs at the time.  Examples  of issues that are addressed are: sexual function and performance, recovery from a loss of a relationship or family member. A Change or loss of job, dissatisfaction in a relationship, issues of sexuality and sexual identity, shame and guilt issues are also common. Abuse issues, past traumas and healing addictions and compulsions can also be addressed. Whatever issues are challenging your life, a Private Heart Centered Touch session can be a way towards resolution as well as a great adjunct to other therapy methods.

Private online sessions are available every day at Adam’s studio on the Upper West Side. Make prior appointments by phone or by e-mail. In person sessions will resume when possible

The fee for a 60-minute private session online is $125. Contact Adam for special offers

The fee for a 100-minute private session is $185.