About Heart Centered Touch

Heart Centered Touch is a group massage experience and private sessions with the intention of making nurturing touch available to more men.

All men are welcome to our programs. Massage exchange — sensual and therapeutic — are the touchstones what we offer. It is through practice — under guidance — that we learn to expand our vocabulary of touch and our capacity for intimacy through touch.

Most of the sessions are clothes-off, hands-on and facilitated by Adam. Verbal communication is an important part of the experience,  in which personal boundaries are honored and deeper ways to connect are explored.  Our focus is to increase awareness and compassion and, in so doing, increase intimacy. We use eros as a creative force. We embrace eros and joyous and life-affirming.  The Heart Centered Touch model is one of learning through pleasure, not through pressure. This leads to a higher level of functioning, to more joy and and to increased authentic expression.

Heart Centered Touch offers consistency in the community experience. We meet every week in New York City and we offer Sunday afternoon workshops in New York as well as in other cities. Weekend Residential Retreats are also a part of the program of Heart Centered Touch. Our aim is to make conscious touch and communication available to more men all over.

Our left-brains are overloaded. We are bombarded with information. We have lost ‘touch’ with the human side of life, especially in urban life. Heart Centered Touch is a right-brain activity that affirms the connection to something larger than ourselves, to our sensory experience and to more nurturing and nourishing human interactions.