A Heart Centered Touch Retreat gives participants ample time to craft and explore appropriate goals in a supportive environment. We also  devote time to the other men’s goals, being present to their issues and challenges. The residential setting provides a strong container for the group to explore safely and openly –without hurry or distractions. We learn new ways to connect and be open about our needs and challenges. It is a community experience distilled into a weekend intensive.

Themes are introduced for each retreat to give a focus to the weekend.  Practice time using touch is the cauldron of experience where we meet ourselves in ways that ask us to move beyond our habitual thinking patterns. There is time for feedback, processing and play.


FOR ALL PROGRAMS at FROG MEADOW in VERMONT: Call to reserve accommodations and and a spot: 877-365-7242. Use links provided below to go to Frog Meadow’s individual pages for these workshops and retreats:

  • MARCH 20-22: SPRING EQUINOX/NAKED QiGONG WEEKEND: Bring in the Vernal (Spring) Equinox with an intimate group of 12 men as we explore the wonders of Taoist Qi Exercise called QiGong (Taoist Yoga). You will also be introduced to Taoist Meditation, Healing Vibration Exercises and learn how energy circulates in the body in individual practices as well as partner-exercises. It will be fun, informative & celebratory! Call to Reserve and for info: 1-877-365-7242and visit link here Frog Meadow’s Event Page:


The “Heart-Centered Touch” WEEKEND is a deeper inquiry into using touch and into how energy drives our sensual, erotic and spiritual lives using tantra, Taoist exploration and personal work for transformation. Call to Reserve and for info: 1-877-365-7242 and visit link here for Frog Meadow’s Event Page:


This 4 1/2 day gathering provides a framework for personal growth and to expand your own embodied practices. We’ll teach classes in  massage, tantric principles & touch, Taoist Energy Circulation and daily Yoga practices.  Call to Reserve and for info: 1-877-365-7242 and visit link to the Event Page of Frog Meadow:

          Frog Meadow's Summer Men's Gathering Page:
  • HEART-CENTERED TOUCH WEEKEND: OCTOBER 24-26, 2015 .   A deeper inquiry into the power of touch/massage and into the energy that drives our sensual, erotic and spiritual lives using tantra, Taoist exercise and personal exploration and transformation. Call: 1-877-365-7242

Frog Meadow is in a bucolic setting in the hills of Vermont near Brattleboro. Endless recreational possibilities on the grounds at Frog Meadow with Scott & Dave as hosts; home-cooked meals as well as organized outings in the area. Discover Frog Meadow if you have never been there…..It’s a delightful getaway place! Call to Reserve and for info: 1-877-365-7242

EASTON MOUNTAIN: June 11-14; September 24-27

All Heart-Centered Touch workshops & retreats involve nudity. This is part of the Heart Centered Touch experience in groups. workshops & retreats.