Upcoming Fall 2019 Special Workshops

Join us for a Special Heart-Centered Touch Workshop. These classes meet mostly on Thursday evenings for three hours on a specific subject. We have the opportunity to grow and expand in many ways with many teachings including Tantra & Taoist Massage Practices. Our deeper connection to ourselves through Heart-Centered Work is profound and can be life-changing. You will gain valuable Touch skills through lessons and practice in these workshops. These Special Fall Workshops are scheduled so far:

Thursday Evenings:
– September 19th: “Raising Eros for Pleasure and Health” – Learn and practice erotic energy circulation techniques using breath and touch including self-touch practice
– October 3rd: “Lingam Workshop and Massage” – Become a better Master at Cock Massage using Ancient and Current Lingam (Phallus) Worship techniques. 
– October 17th: “Prostate Massage Class and Practice” – Learn to give and to receive prostate massage to discover the ‘pleasure within’. The class includes valuable prostate health information
– November 17th: 4-Hands Massage Fest” Enjoy Giving with another participant to one receiver. Receivers experience the bliss of 4-handed attention!

TORONTO One-Day Tantra & Touch Workshop Sunday, October 13th, 2019

The intention of this workshop is to help connect you to body, heart and spirit. Tantra & Taoism weave together beautifully as
two practices of the heart that help us make these connections both inside ourselves and with others.
You will get a chance to improve your skills and learn to establish a flow in your massage sessions.
You will be giving a full Tantric Massage at the end of the day’s workshop.
You’ll return home from this workshop with new skills and confidence to share touch with men in your life.
You will also meet new men to share these practices with. You’re guaranteed to feel more relaxed as well
invigorated by the community-learning and sharing. Feel more centered and grounded and able to step into
your life’s activities with renewed vitality.
This program is for the professional and non-professional – all men who enjoy sharing touch.
You do not need prior experience to attend this workshop. However, if you are taking Adam’s Workshop for a
second time, you will find there is a lot of new material including, specific massage skills – when and how to
use them; sensitivity training to learn to ‘read’ a partner and a variety of erotic massage skills.
We will also learn valuable Taoist methods for circulating body-energy for maximum breathing to enhance
our experience.
Our time together will include talking about our own expression issues. Movement and Meditation
Practices help focus us during the day’s workshop activities.
Private Sessions with Adam will be available in the Studio Sunday, October 13th. Set up your
appointment in advance by email, phone or text to book your private session.
Private Session can be Massage – Tantric or Therapeutic; Acupuncture; Zero Balancing or a Combo
The day-long workshop costs $150CDN. The Fee for a Private Sessions is $125CDN
SIGN UP for Saturday’s Workshop HERE: http://heart-centeredtouch.com/site/?page_id=152
Contact Adam to book the private session:
212-366-9025 (mobile) adam@heart-centeredtouch.com








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