Join us for a Sunday afternoon Heart-Centered Touch Workshop. These classes involve less time and monetary commitment than most and give you an opportunity to devote 4-5 hours on a subject using Heart-Centered Touch as your vehicle for learning. We have the opportunity to grow and expand in many ways with many teachings including Tantra, Energy Touch Practices and Meridian Massage. Our deeper connection to ourselves through Heart-Centered Work is profound and can be life-changing. You will gain some valuable Touch skills as well as Tantric & Taoist energy circulation techniques in these workshop.


NEW YORK  SEPTEMBER 1oth  Energy Touch Practice

BOSTON SEPTEMBER 17th  Energy Touch Practice

NEW YORK OCTOBER 8th  Meridian Massage Practice

WASH DC  OCTOBER 14th  Energy Touch Practice

BOSTON  NOVEMBER 12th  Tantra Exploration




Go to the Schedule and Registration page on this site for a full workshops, group and retreats schedule and to REGISTER. If you’d like to bring a Heart Centered Touch Workshop to your area, please contact Adam to make arrangements.

EMAIL: 212-366-9025.